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We at Time Machine Collectibles wish to extend our heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of Booth Colman, who passed away on Monday December 15th, 2014. He was loved by his family, friends and fans alike and he will be missed by all of us.

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Booth Colman was born in Portland, Oregon and as a child actor in local productions became active in the early radio programming. He attended the Universities of Washington and Michigan and was often involved with campus theater. After Army service during World War II he went to New York and got a foothold in Broadway theater. He appeared in Irwin Shaw's war drama "The Assassin" and was invited to join the prestigious Maurice Evans company and the long running "Hamlet". Other Broadway productions included "Tonight at 8:30", "The
Winslow Boy" with Basil Rathbone, "Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep" with Fredric March and several long tours of "The Hasty Heart", "Mary Stuart" and the Robert Shaw Chorale.
In Hollywood he began with Howard Hawks' "The Big Sky" and has played in fifty subsequent features between "Julius Caesar" and "Norma Rae", including three Peter Ustinov production and a John Wayne western.
He Followed his old chief, Maurice Evans, in the role of Dr. Zaius in the popular series which still commads a wide following, "Planet of the Apes".
Every year for the past sixteen he has gone to the Meadow Brook Theatre in the Detroit area to play Scrooge in Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol". He has also appeared at the Meadow Brook in a number of other plays which include "The Andersonville Trial" (twice, 1971 and 1989), "A Man for All Seasons", "The Merchant of Venice", "Inherit the Wind" (twice, 1974 and 1990) "The Summer People", "Camping with Henry & Tom" as Thomas Edison.
FILMS (Link to IMDB)

Auntie Mame - 1958
Beast of Budapest, The - 1958
Big Sky - 1952
Case Against Brooklyn, The - 1958
Comancheros, The - 1961
Errand Boy, The - 1961
Fate is the Hunter - 1964
Julius Ceasar - 1953
Kisses For My President - 1964
Lawyer, The - 1969
Living It Up - 1954
Mary Jane - 1968
Moonfleet - 1955
My Gun is Quick - 1957
Norma Rae - 1979
Ring of Fear - 1954
Romanoff and Juliet - 1961
Runaway Girl - 1966
Scandalous John - 1971
Secret of the Incas - 1954
Silver Chalice - 1955
Them! - 1954
Wild on the Beach - 1965
World Without End - 1956
Youngblood Hawke - 1964

77 Sunset Strip "Deposit With Caution" 11/29/63
77 Sunset Strip "Never To Have Loved" 6/14/63
A Tree Grows In Brooklyn (movie-pilot) 3/27/74
Adam 12 "Courtroom" ll/29/69
Adventures of Jim Bowie, The 9/21/56
Adventures of Jim Bowie, The 11/30/56
Adventures of Jim Bowie, The "Trapline" 10/5/56
Adventures of Nick Carter, The (movie-pilot) 2/20/72
Alias Sherlock Holmes (pilot) 6/16/76
Alias Smith and Jones "Day They Hanged Kid Curry" 9/16/71
Apple's Way "The Outsider" 12/15/74
Arnie 1/30/71
Ba Ba Black Sheep "Last Mission Over Sangai" 2/8/77
Ba Ba Black Sheep "Five The Hard Way" 2/1/77
Barnaby Jones "The Murdering Class" 3/4/73
Ben Casey "Courage At 3:00 A.M." 12/7/63
Best Place To Be, The "(TV movie) 5/27/79
Best Years of Our Lives (movie-pilot) 4/29/75
Bonanza "A Man To Admire" 12/6/64
Bonanza "The Pursued" 10/2/66 & 10/9/66)
Bonanza "Look To The Stars" 3/18/62
Boris Karloff's Thriller "Waxworks" 1/8/62
Boris Karloff's Thriller "Man in the Cage" 1/17/61
Broken Arrow "The Conspirators" 12/18/56
Californians, The "The Gugitive" 4/28/59
Cannon "That Was No Lady" 10/4/71
Cavalcade of America "Arrow and the Bow" 1/7/53
Cavalcade of America "Courage in Connecticut" 6/22/54
Cavalcade of America "Time To Grow 11/3/53
Chicago Hope 9/25/95
City of Angels "The Bloodshot Eye" 5/11/76
Civil Wars 12/9/92
Civil Wars 11/27/91
D.A., The "ThePeople Verses Drake" 9/17/71
Daniel Boone "Williamsburg Cannon 1/12/67 & 1/19/67
Danial Boone "Cain's Birthday" 4/1/65 & 4/8/65
Death Valley Days "$265,000 Sack of Flour" 11/7/62
Delvecchio "A Madness Within" 2/20/77 & 2/27/77
Dick Powell Show, The "Tissue of Hate" 2/26/63
F.B.I., The "The Scourge" 10/23/66
F.B.I., The "Counter-Stroke" 10/1/66
Family Affair "The Inheritance" 1970
Farmer's Daughter, The "Platinum Swizzle Stick" 12/3/65
Flying Nun "Sister Lucky" 2/1/68
Flying Nun "No Tears For Thomas" 4/3/70
Frances Gary Powers:True Story (TV movie) 9/29/76
Fugitive, The "Trial By FIre" 10/5/65
G.E. True "The Black Robed Ghost" 3/10/63
Galactica:1980 "The Space Croppers" 4/27/80
Gallant Men,The "Ol Buddy" 3/9/63
Garrison's Gorillas "Banker's Hours" 9/26/67
Gilligan's Island "Smile You're O Mars Camera" 1965
Greatest Show On Earth "Grave 10/15/63
Gunsmoke "The Bad One" 1/26/63
Gunsmoke "Alias Festus Haggin" 3/6/71
Hallmark Hall of Fame "Gideon" 3/26/71
Harry O "Mister Five and Dime" 1/8/76
Have Gun--Will Travel "Marshal of Sweetwater" 11/24/62
Hogan's Heroes "The Safecracker Suite" 3/25/66
Holmes & Yoyo 10/30/76
How the West Was Won "Hillary" 2/26/79
How To Marry A Millionare "Greta's Big Chance" 1959
I Dream of Jeannie "My Master, Napoleon's Buddy" 4/3/67
I Dream of Jeannie "My Master The Grt Rembrandt" 3/19/69
I Love You--Goodbye (TV Movie) 2/12/74
I The Glitter Palace (TV Movie) 2/27/77
Invaders, The "The Possessed" 1/2/68
Judd for the Defense "Death From A Flower Girl" 11/2/67
Kung Fu "The Sqauw Man 11/8/73
Lou Grant "Broomerang" 1/19/81
Lou Grant "Hoax" 10/4/76
Lou Grant 1/21/80
Love Story "When the Girls Came Out to Play 12/5/73
Lucas Tanner "A Touch of Bribery" 4/2/75
Lux Video Theatre "Life of Emile Zola" 3/10/55
Man With A Camera "Last Portrait" 1/2/59
Mannix "Warning Live Blueberries" 10/28/67
Mannix "Return to Summer Grove" 10/11/69
Mannix 10/6/71
Marciano (TV Movie) 11/21/79
Marcus Welby, M.D. 4/21/70
Matt Lincoln 11/12/70
McCloud "Encounter With Aries" 9/22/71
McCloud "This Must Be the Alamo" 3/24/74
McCloud "McCloud Meets Dracula" 4/17/77
Medical Center "The Decieved" 1/7/70
Mission Impossible "The Train" 3/18/66
Mission Impossible "Orpheus" 3/1/70
Mod Squad, The "Who Are Keepers, Who Are the Inmates?"10/6/70
Monkeys "Spy Who Came in from the Cool" 10/10/66
My Three Sons "The Birds of Arfie" 3/23/72
My Three Sons "Charley the Pigeon" 12/30/65
My Three Sons "Errnie the Transmitter" 3/15/69
My Three Sons "You're in My Power" 12/10/64
Name of the Game, The
Name of the Game, The
Outer Limits, The "Zzzzz" 1/27/64
Perry Mason "The Case of the Nervous Neighbor" 2/13/63
Perry Mason "The Case of the Paper Bullets" 10/1/63
Police Story "Eamon Kinsella Royce" 2/20/76
Police Story "Requiem for C.Z.Smith" 9/17/73
Police Story "The Ripper" 2/12/73
Police Woman "Young and the Fair" 1/25/76
Profiles in Courage "John Marshall" 4/18/65
Quincy, M.E. "An Ounce of Pervention" 3/22/79
Quincy, M.E. "Last of the Dinosaurs" 12/16/77
Quincy, M.E. "Touch of Death" 11/25/76
Rescue 8 "Calamity Coach" 2/25/59
Returning Home (TV Movie) 4/29/75
Rifleman, The "The High Country" 12/18/61
Rogues, The "Day They Gave the Diamonds" 9/20/64
Route 66 "Even Stones Have Eyes" 3/30/62
Return of the Worlds Greatest Detective (TV Movie) 6/16/76
Run For Your Life "Where Mystery Begins" 11/2/65
Sandburg's Lincoln "Sad Figure, Laughing" 2/12/75
Science Fiction Theatre "Dead Storage" 107/55
Second Hundred Years "Little Lady X" 9/20/67
Shootdown (TV Movie) 11/28/88
Sin American Style (Pilot) "What Aboout That One?" 9/24/73
Smith Family "Winner Take All" 4/19/71
Star Trek:Voyager "Nemesis" 9/28/97
Streets of San Francisco, The "Child of Anger" 12/2/76
Streets of San Francisco, The "Timelock" 11/11/71
Switch "Death Heist" 10/21/75
Switch "Argonaut Special"10/12/76
Tarzan "Rendezvous for Revenge" 3/15/68
Thriller "Man in a Cage" 1/17/61
Thriller "Waxworks" 1/8/62
Time Travelers (Movie-Pilot) 3/19/76
Untouchables, The "Pressure" 6/14/62
Virginian, The "Lady at the Bar"
Virginain, The "Nightmare" 1/21/70
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea "Mist of Silence, The" 10/5/63
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea "11 Days to Zero" 9/11/64
Waltons, The "The Parting" 1/18/79
White Shadow, The "Wanna Bet" 1/8/79
Wild Wild West "Night of Dancing Death" 11/5/65
Yancy Derringer "The Louisiana Dude" 2/26/59
Yesterday's Child (TV Movie) 2/3/77
Zorro "An Affair of Honor" 5/7/59

A Christmas Carol - as "Ebenezer Scrooge"
A Man for All Seasons - as "Sir Thomas More"
A Summer Remembered - as "Doc Washburn"
Andersonville Trial, The - as "Henry Wirz"
Assassin, The
Caine Mutiny Court Martial - as "Commander Queeg"
Death of a Salesman - as "Willy Lowman"
Inherit the Wind - as "Henry Drummond"
Magnificent Heel, The
Merchant of Venice, The - as "Skylock"
Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep - with Frederic March
Tonight at 8:30 - with Gertrude Lawrence
Winslow Boy, The - with Basil Rathbone

General Hospital "Professor Jerrold" 1983
Planet of the Apes "Dr. Zaius" 1974
Young and the Restless, The "Doc Burke"

MCI - with Phil Hartman

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